Sell Amount

A simple function in which you may sell items that are in stacks all at once (or at least a specified amount).

I have 550 Full Wooden Walls that I am not looking forward to selling individually.


why do you wanna sell 550 wooden walls?
make a milk church

Wake up pal, Casino just came out.

And I will need A LOT of money for it.
So that means I need to sell 550 wooden walls.

what were they gonna be used for anyway

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The world’s biggest 100% wooden satanic hentai ritual.


Would it have featured any Higschool DxD artwork?

+1. Mass selling lots of the same item would be fantastic.

you could simply vote for the suggestion instead of posting +1

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I don’t tell you how to live.


Listen. I don’t say this lightly, or often. But fuck the Casino, build hentai.

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But it I made Casino profit I could even bigger hentai!!


squints at the floor in consideration

Alright, do it.

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hentai is not pure
become milk and you will be pure

Humanity was never pure. We can never be pure. Embrace hentai.

but milk isnt human

Exactly. So how can you become milk if milk isn’t human?

If you die, you can’t be sure you’re you. How do you know you’re not just milk that thinks it’s you? Maybe the real you is still human, and thus, impure.

I fully expect a mod to come in here and be like “what the fuck”

fuck using square brackets instead of pointy brackets for formatting

when your milk you are no longer human
the the impure parts of you die when you convert
but since humans are 100% impure
they die then come back as milk cartons

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I think I will have to sell all my countless of concrete quarter blocks
Please give us something like this, we’ve been begging the gods for so long

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