Sell 4-packs and 2-packs on steam store

Tower Unite is a game that you naturally want to have your friends play so my proposition is that when TU gets on Steam to give 2 and 4 pack buying options. I think they’d be pretty popular.


Certainly! Selling two-packs for $25 and four packs for $50 would be fantastic, but only if the financial situation as PixelTail is good. They obviously can’t afford any discounts if they aren’t healthy in their funding.’

Perhaps just sell the four pack for $50 to entice people to spend more (while, in the end, getting more though).

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Sure, I think it’s a great idea! A lot of people are probably going to play it with friends anyway.

We most likely will sell party packs.


I’m definitely buying one for friends or giveaways.

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