Secret spots

In the latest update “The Studio and Beach Update (” some bugs were fixed and some things were added.
Great update, but there’s one thing that bothers me.

I used to be able to use a Tiny Potion to clip out of walls, so I used that to make cool secret spots in my Condo to make it more unique, I loved that and I even made this cool super secret place with pics of my friends making funny faces, it was great :slight_smile:

But now that they patched it I can’t access those places anymore, I can only get there by nocliping, and that’s not fun ;c, It took some of the “magic” and personality my Condo had…
If there’s any chance that the clipping could come back I would be MORE than happy :frowning:
This made my “Condo Designing Experience” way more fun and unique, removing the “You suffocated…” thing would mean the world to me, and I know plenty of more people who used this fun trick… please… :frowning:

The next patch will fix this issue:

Disabled potion suffocation in Condos

How do you know? :o

The patch notes are in the update thread on this forum. Also I’m fairly sure this has been talked about in another thread where a dev said it could be an optional setting in the future for Condos.

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Here’s the thread where it was discussed as a potential option

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heh, thanks :slight_smile: