Seats and Player Input Volume

Would be nice to have a some kind of @Seat IO event for seats, which can be wired of player input volume or camera volume. That way you need to sit instead of pressing E on other volumes. This can help doing some vehicles or controllable things with better player animations (for example, you are sitting into the car and have kart pose, but you still activating the input volume.)

In before you say, that I can place down player input volume close to seat and just use it when on seat - that won’t work with animations. Prompts work on seats with only default sit(chair) animation.

That could actually be very useful, yeah! The thing is though, at least with your vehicles example, I’m not sure if we already have an usable, spinning wheel type of item for Condos? It’s been a veery long while since I last played and although I have been checking the updates, I don’t recall anything like this. That question would only apply for if you wanted an functional, driveable vehicle though.

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That was just an example, but actually I did a fully functional Blimp/Dirigible a while ago, made with movers. It has control panel and its very possible to setup a support for player input volume.

Oh wow, that is amazing, actually! Still, I do quite wish that maybe we might be able to get some dedicated, functional items for things like this in the game. Tower Unite is already soo, so high above Gmod Tower (except for the lack of trading, since PixelTail doesn’t want it anymore), that I stopped missing Gmod Tower nearly as much to be completely honest, so it really deserves a whole lot more. Really, I only wish that there was a way to emulate Flash games in Tower Unite just like there was with the addon Gmod Tower used for those Flash arcade cabinets, and that would have had been amazing! :3

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