Seasonal Plaza

Not sure if this has been suggested before. Didn’t play too much of GMTower so don’t know if it was ever done there but.

Season Plaza’s themed to times of the year. (Sorry to use Halo 3 as a example but) For example,
In Halo 3 an a certain easter egg was used in the map Valhalla(Would make a icon appear on the wall of the map) if it was a certain date. Maybe the plaza could change according to dates or between certain dates.

For example, A Christmas plaza maybe the water freezes so you can iceskate on it etc etc.


ayy personalitypi, love the progress on eldorito.

I think this was a thing in GMT, but had to be manually adjusted because Source.

Maybe Unreal can make it dynamic.

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It was a thing in GMT. For example, in the winter there would be snow in some places, you could buy Christmas themed items, have snowball fights, etc. At Halloween time there would be spooky stuff. There was even a ghost hunting gamemode. So, it will probably be done in some form in Tower Unite.