SDNL Map Suggestion: Great Slayrier Reef

I’ve had this idea for like 2 days but I kept forgetting to post it until someone made a suggestion for another SDNL map earlier.

Basically it’s a map set underwater in a coral reef, also maybe in or near an Atlantis-like underwater city/sunken temple? I got the idea because I realized I could rocket jump underwater in the Underwater condo and I was like “oh this would be a cool theme for a game world map”.

I also thought it could be cool if there was a day/night cycle that occurs throughout the match where, at night, the coral and plants underwater light up and it looks real pretty and stuff.

edit: also for clarity I was also imagining that you would still walk/run like you’re above water in this map, instead of swimming

if this map has spongebob references i’m interested