Screen has green tint


So, I just got this game today, and it looks awesome but theres one problem -

As in the title, The viewmodel is tinted bright green, I know this has been reported here but no solution was really found - they did say intel graphics weren’t supported (which is what i have), but the thread shown by CarbonCopyCat did say they would try.

I have tried the solution here, by setting ‘r.Cache.LightingCacheDimension’ to 128 in Engine/Config/ConsoleVariables.ini

Any help?




What graphics card are you running Tower Unite on? Ensure that you meet the minimum requirements for Tower Unite / Unreal 4

Intel integrated, Not sure which number. I think it has less than 1GB of VRam but is there any way to disable what, I assume, is a shader or something?

Press (WindowsKey) + R to bring up the Run dialog and run DxDiag

when it comes up click on Save All Information

PM me your DxDiag.txt and I’ll have a look.

I can’t seem to PM you for some reason, the button isnt there.

My dxdiag is here though:

I recommend that you upgrade your computer at some point to meet our minimum requirements.
Intel(R) HD Graphics is a low-end integrated graphics processor and won’t deliver much.

In the mean time, you can try upgrading your graphics drivers.
I looked at your DxDiag and determined that they are out-of-date.

Your driver version:
Latest driver version:

You can download the latest Intel® HD Graphics Driver here:

This may or may not help, but it’s pretty much the only thing you can do short of upgrading your PC.
Best of luck,

Thanks, I know my computer is a potato, most the time answers are just “get a proper computer lol”, thanks for the actual reply

Sorry for the necro, Would like to put this here for anyone from google.

I fixed this issue by putting the following after [Startup] in [game dir]/Engine/Config/ConsoleVariables.ini

r.LightPropagationVolume=0 r.Cache.LightingCacheDimension=128

This works everywhere except lobbies and condos as far as I can see, it seems those variables are enforced or something? (You need to restart after you join a lobby or condo). I also had to use fullscreen borderless.