Scaling Payouts and Difficulty Bonus

Right now the rewards for Minigolf and Ballrace seem a little bit… unbalanced. I guess they will be changed at some point anyway but I want to share my idea. (Sorry if this was already suggested)

First, the bonuses of being 1st, 2nd or 3rd in Ballrace are too static. You get the same payout if you are playing with 3 or with 8 and this doesn’t seem right. My suggestion (Units may be adjusted):

p = player count

1st Place: 40 Units * (p-1) | Requires at least 2 players
2nd Place: 25 Units * (p-2) | Requires at least 3 players
3rd Place: 10 Units * (p-3) | Requires at least 4 players

This would mean with 5 players you would roughly have the old payouts. (160, 100, 40).

Secondly, each level/course has the same payout and it doesn’t factor the difficulty or length of the level/course. My suggestion would be to add a small difficulty bonus for completing harder/longer levels/courses. For example:

Easy/Short: No bonus
Normal: 20 Units
Hard/Long: 40 Units

Both changes together should encourage players to play with more than 3 players and to play the harder/longer maps more often.

Especially when you want to “farm” some Units you would have a bit more options and you wouldn’t feel too bad for not playing Nimbus (with 3 players) or Garden.

Your thoughts?


I feel like especially the difficulty bonus thing is a necessity. There seems to be a bit of a lack of a reward for completing harder stuff.

Considering the difficulty, levels like Nimbus give too much in comparison to others.

Nimbus would simply not have any difficulty payout, since the whole map is easy and already gives enough units for it.

Yeah that was my thought. Nimbus would be all easy. Paradise a mix of easy and normal. Memories and Midori a mix of normal and hard.

I mean that it should pay less than it currently does.

And how exactly would we do that? By leaving out some payouts, or by reducing payouts? Either way I think that is unnecessary, payout adjusting to difficulty doesn’t have to be so exact.

Actually they could also adjust the “Didn’t Die” bonus based on difficulty.

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