Saving of Grouped Items (Similar to GMod's Dupe Menu)

once the grouper tool shows up, i’d really love to be able to select groups of objects and save them in a menu like the condo saved menu, you could attach a name and maybe a thumbnail for a group of objects

for sake of comparison, something similar to what rec room, littlebigplanet, or garry’s mod does . i think it’d be really great if you could upload these groups to the workshop for other users to use!

i feel like something like this would be extremely helpful for users who create custom furniture from scratch , being able to group these items and save them to use between condos would be extremely helpful, things like sofas, bookshelves, or any other intricate builds

here’s a little sofa & tv built by @CaptainHMMurdock ! being able to copy items like these between condos or using ones from the workshop could be massive for condo creation !

an argument could be made that workshop furniture would fulfill this purpose, but as someone who rarely uses workshop furniture i strongly disagree

workshop furniture is already quite resource intensive as is, (you could probably melt someone’s gpu from putting hundreds of different workshop items in a condo…) and more unique items (lights, seats, interactables or just items you like) would simply not be able to be to be recreated perfectly

bringing the option to sift through your own custom grouped items or look through ones on the workshop would totally change how people could create their condos absolutely for the better, i would really love to see something like this!

tldr: i’d love to see a “library” for saving grouped items (once the grouper tool comes out) like how you save condos , somewhat similar to gmod’s dupe menu

Great Idea, This should be in the game. It reminds me of another game where people would make custom objects in game, without modeling.