Saves Ported Over Won't Load in Condo

So I got a new computer and reinstalled Tower Unite. I was able to recover the files from a drive (took way to long, being a dynamic drive and whatnot) that I had for the Condos I made on my previous computer. I ported them over to the current save location for Tower Unite, but I can’t see them in the game! Any idea what might be going on?

Here’s the file list, with Ooky Spooky and Sweet Suite being the ones ported over from my old computer, and the Test one being made on my current installation.

Here is what appears in game, in the specific map.

I’d very much appreciate any assistance in helping getting these saves to work!

What’s inside the folders themselves?

I’ve had the same issue, seems like the game stores a list of condo snapshots in a separate location from the actual condo saves folder, so manually adding in condo snapshots through explorer prevents them from being recognized.

If you create a new snapshot in-game and then replace the CondoData file inside that folder with the one from your ported condo save, it should load in fine. (Of course, back up your ported saves if you haven’t already.)

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