Savegame reset?

Is it possible to reset the savegame? Since I played the game on the PC of a friend my savegame is buggy. For example, I don’t get an achievement that he already has & I have items that I never had.
I can’t press plush toys or take pictures with the camera either…

The Steam Community was no help on my question in the support area. They just said “No”.

The game was great in the beginning until my savegame was overwritten & now it is unplayable for me. Uninstalling, cloud data & deleting local data didn’t help.

were you using Family Sharing?

No, I didn’t use family sharing. My boyfriend has the game himself and me too.

When I visited him and played Tower Unite with my account, my savegame was probably overwritten with his…

you might not have steam cloud enabled, try doing this on your computer:
(Steam Library > Right click on Tower Unite > Properties > Updates > Check “Enable Steam Cloud” )

The cloud was activated. I already deactivated it and reactivated it. Had left it out. Deleted the local data and reinstalled the game. Had Tower Unite even installed on another hard drive. Nothing helped :disappointed:

If there is a way to restart the game, I would do it.
I haven’t played that long, so it wouldn’t be soooo terrible.

Go to %localappdata%/Tower/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor and remove Game.ini

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This should not be possible when you think about it.

Anyway after looking into it i found out that normally your steam games will put your savegames here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\YourSteamIDHere\ApplicationNumberHere\remote\

But for some reason not all of said games have been told to save it at said folder, leaving them to put the savegames here:
Which will lead to having savegames overlap due to how windows defines the username in the path.

One of the solutions to this problem is to make another Windows user on your pc and have either you or your boyfriend use said account to play games while you play on the other one

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