Sale Event Extras

Hello everyone, Zox here coming at ya from the Discord.

@theuhie, @kingburtis, @Xmarksit and I were all discussing some stuff on the discord related to the future Sale Events that will be arriving in the Plaza. Some of these ideas are just one-liners, and others are a bit more fleshed out, but all of them are related to one feature so they’re all together.

  • All day/black friday/cyber monday sales
    King Burtis came up with this one, its pretty self explanatory. Sales like these would last all day (real world time) on significant days of the year like Christmas, Black Friday, things like that. On some days, discounts would be significant, and other days it would just be slight.

  • Item Giveaways
    A bit like a loyalty card. The example I used was for Robs Imports, every ten canvas cubes would have an eleventh thrown in for free. Would be good for big purchases. @Drrabbit. This goes onto another idea I had of Item Bundles

  • Item Bundles
    This is pretty simple but quite cool, there are lot of examples to use to get the point across. You buy a table and three chairs, Sweet Suites will throw a fourth chair in, free. You head on over to Central Circuit and buy a fridge, a microwave and toaster, you get an oven for nothin!
    This could be readjusted so that you get the cheapest item in the bundle for free.

  • Vouchers and Gift Cards
    Something Theuhie and I came up with that I suggested would tie in quite nicely with @Caboose700’s Tower Express feature when that arrives. This again is quite simple, but nicely put across with the following example: You head on over to Sweet Suites, buy those table and chairs i mentioned earlier, and Sweet Suites will throw in a voucher for you to use at Robs Imports. The voucher is good for 3 sets of cutlery and plates.

The Gift Cards can be obtained from Tower Express, and can be bought for any of your Steam Friends/Group Members/Tower Friends, they cost in-game units, and would be a not terrible replacement for unit trading which is proving to be quite tricky for the devs.

This is obviously open to discussion and some brainstorming, pretty rough ideas but I think they all show a great deal of promise. Looking to get the devs input on this too as they missed it in the discord.

Zox and Co

I think sales should be restricted to random events only, but the idea of getting extra stuff for larger purchases is pretty neat. I think it’d be a good idea to just list bundles as separate item packs rather than having to hand pick the items that create the bundle (as in: click purchase on the Central Circuit “Kitchen Bundle” to get all the stuff for the bundle’s listed price as opposed to adding each component to your cart and then getting the extra item on purchase). Vouchers/Gift Cards could potentially open up exploitations (but what form of trading wouldn’t?), but other than that I think it’s a nice idea.


I want a feature where I can see a manager if it doesn’t take off the lowest price item.

Great features, I feel the sales on certain events would pull in more players on holidays and such, and the voucher is a good way for me to support a friend’s condo build-in-progress, without trading or allowing them to grind.


Yeah I agree with you about the bundles, having an extra tabs for “specials” and "bundles would be a great way to separate them from individual items. It will be easier to implement once the changes to the shops arrive.

I agree, Cake. I’d love to be able to support my mates condo projects!

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