Sad Year is for Me

My uncle died.

and cancer

And WW2


The war totally hasn’t been over for over 70 years…

Also, sorry for your loss.

I know.

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Actually, he was in a different war.
Not ISIS, though.

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I lost my uncle to diabetes as well… If i am going to give any advice, it would be to remember who he was and to remember the good times. If you want to talk, feel free to PM me or you can also talk to people at… very nice people there. Look on the bright side of things and keep your head up.

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that sucks, man… losing family is terrible. in about 5 days it will have been a year since my grandpop died of lung cancer. seriously, fuck. cancer.

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I know the feels… Lost both my grandparents within a month of each other.

Just take a seat, and eat some spaghetti. Always makes people happy

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