Running around at the speed of sound

There should be a option to disable the Ball effect in Ball Race so it looks like people running around really fast (Kinda like Sonic).


I love the idea. Perhaps, rather than an option, just make it a purchasable orb (like the spikey orb and bomb orb)? Either way, it would be fun to see.

Meh, a buyable orb that is just invisible air would kinda defeat the sense of the gameworld, because it’s BALL race after all. Allow players to clientsidely hide all players though, that would be pretty useful for many people.

“Got places to go, gotta follow rainbow!”

You got a point there, but I think the idea still sounds cool. :laughing: Maybe like @Arkive86 said, you can buy a orb that is heavily… transparent?

my rainbow*

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That could be a thing, yeah.