Rubberbanding in the official lobby

I’m not entirely sure if this is a bug, but the way it was acting definitely seemed to be (from what I can tell on my side). While in the official lobby server, I occasionally experience extreme rubberbanding (teleporting to and from locations that i’ve been). It seems to be restricted to a certain connection attempt? If I experience rubberbanding upon connecting to the lobby, I experience it throughout the duration that I’m connected - if I disconnect and rejoin, the rubberbanding usually stops, and I won’t experience it again until I disconnect and rejoin again (ping remained constant between connections - i never drop below 100 and rarely go above 150). The rubberbanding affects me regardless of where I am in the lobby. Boardwalk, theater, condo entrance area, gameworld port, etc…

Again, idk if this is specifically a “bug” or just bad luck, but I figured putting this in the bug category was the most appropriate thing. Many apologies if it warrants a category change :weary:

This is moreso lag than a bug.

Well if it is lag, then shouldn’t my ping represent that? I don’t claim to be a networking pro or anything, of course. Rubberbanding is a textbook lag symptom, but I expected my ping to shoot up every now and then when I teleport, but it doesn’t. Thus, I assume that there is a bug happening somewhere. Either the bug is causing the rubberbanding, or the bug is causing the server to misrepresent my ping. Maybe. Idk.

It’s certainly possible. In my experience, the rubber banding can get really bad over 100ms. There’s a lot of variables with things like this so who knows.

Like I mentioned in my OP, the rubberbanding doesn’t seem to be dependent on my ping. I’m ingame now with ~130 ms and am not experiencing any rubberbanding.

Huh. Are you doing anything specific?

Nope. Rubberbanding continues from point of connection, through jetpack use, theater visits, teleporting to the gameworld port, using vendors, using voicechat, using items such as celebrations, pets or size potions, and ends once I disconnect.

I admit I dismissed this as just another “guys I’m lagging. Fix pls” but I actually just remembered this haappenes to me too. I don’t notice it much but when I do enter the plaza (normally just go to condos and game worlds) there’s chance that I will be rubberbanding aswell. It fixes itelf if I unequip my speed shoes and then put them back on. At first I thought it was the server thinking I wasn’t wearing speed shoes while my client thought I was, but I guess this might not be the case

if you have a potion equipped or speed shoes the speed effect sort of applies but also not, causing weird stuttering, its fine if you reequip the potion/speed shoes, try that and see if the stuff still happens

Due to the weirdness that the large potion causes, I’m constantly re-equiping my size potion. I don’t recall it fixing my problem, but I’ll keep trying it and let you guys know if it fixes anything.

Your ping only refreshes every second or so, therefore it wouldn’t have time to display the “lag spike” that you seem to be having. I’m not 100% sure on this theory, but to me it seems possible enough to be true. If you need to test, I would recommend typing something such as “Test” in to chat WHILE you think you are lagging, and if it doesn’t show up (pretty much) instantly, you’re lagging, and you shouldn’t worry.

As a side note, the official servers are located in the USA, but not sure about state or direct location. I lag ALOT on official servers, but after playing for a while, it seems to be unnoticeable with the already FPS lag that I get.

Hope this helps. In the future I think they will bring servers closer and will also improve latency, bandwidth and the hardware specs that are running the hardware.