Rrmm's (New) Condo (Update: New Beach Stuff)

A couple months ago I decided to make a new default condo because I was getting bored of my old one (I think I made a forum post about it a while ago).

Here’s the entrance.

I think it’s illegal not to have a TV here.

Here’s the perfectly normal bathroom.

Here’s the fireplace area.

This is the kitchen. Did you know that kitchens have food in them? Also elevator.

Here’s the trophy room, located in the basement. There’s another wall of trophies but that wall actually doesn’t have any trophies yet so I’m not putting it here.

Here’s the inside of the elevator a couple screenshots ago. You’ll be able to go to cool places in this elevator such as:


Going back to the main condo, here’s the second floor.

Here’s my music room.

This is the dining room.

Here’s the bedroom, now with 3x the beds!

This is that one balcony-ish area next to the second floor.

Here’s the deck area.

Here’s the garden.

Here’s some docks on the beach.

This is a little restaurant place I made.

Finally, here’s the roof.

That was my condo. Hopefully it will have been worth the wait. Thanks, and have fun.


I defy you Heart Man

Your condo looks great



Fuck, that’s awesome. How the fuck did you make that “working” elevator, though? Teleporters, maybe? I assume the door is a canvas?

The door’s a workshop item, and I just put a teleporter behind the door so you could go inside.


Heisters, something about this room feels… familiar

I don’t get it.


It’s a PAYDAY 2 insider. Not much to get if you didn’t play it.


Update: I’ve added a few new things to the edges of the beach.


Now this is Easter.

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