Rouse More Hype

A game like this is something that people love to see. And no ones seeing it, we need to get Unite out more.

Well to be fair, there isn’t much to see yet that people (outside of this community) can really be excited for.

Then what reason do people that don’t play Towe now have to fund Unite?

At the moment, nothing but some screenshots and a old playable demo of ball race, and some developer commentary. Sorry to sound harsh, but at the moment there really ISN’T any reason unless the CONCEPT sounds cool, and at this time will all the non-starters in Early Access, people may be jaded to back YET another game.

THIS isn’t to say that there won’t be more to be excited to look forward to when the Indiegogo campaign launches, but as of right now at the time I’m posting this, there isn’t much.

I’m backing the shit out of it (well as much as money allows) because I loved GMTower and really love what I am seeing in the developer streams and have full confidence in the team. However I can see how someone who never played GMTower would even care / notice this was being created.

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I sort of agree with this to be honest-- The video was pretty boring. We’ve learned a LOT from the Kickstarter, and we’re trying our best to improve on that.




Hahaha. Love it.

:open_mouth: Much real, such hype.

I think releasing a few 5-10 teaser videos could get the already existing community pumped, The trailer didn’t go into any new features as much as it should have done and didnt communicate why Tower Unite should be made well enough it obviously hurt a lot of peoples perspective on the situation as most of the response was “wow ur just making us pay for tower”

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Teaser videos with the new content are needed indeed. However, if that content is not enough, maybe “new” people with no knowledge about GMTower and TU won’t be interested. So I think some little videos with GMTower footage in retrospective would do it

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