Rough chance estimates on Spin to Win

I’m sure everyone knows that some items on Spin to Win has a higher chance of getting picked than others items. What nobody knows, is the exact percentages or chances of getting each item. It would be nice if we had some way of knowing that.

I’m not suggesting that we get the exact chance of getting each item, but a rough estimate on how hard it is to get, say, the Laser Projector would be nice. (In a lot of IRL Spin to Win machines, the higher chance items are usually larger than the lower chance ones. An alternative is having more “triangles” and simply have the higher chance items occupy multiple triangles, with the lower chance ones only occupying one or very few.)

I know some people think having no knowledge of the chances makes the game more fun, but I think having knowing roughly how hard it is to get certain items makes it both more satisfying when you get it and also less annoying when you don’t. In the end, it’s just getting a bit more information on how it works.

it took me app. 400 hula dolls and 400 potatoes to get the gold

if that helps in any way

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