Role Play Elements

So I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work on this so far. it has so much potential.

i wanted to share my ideas for suggestions.

  1. Merchant Kiosks. to be able to buy/ Sell inventory inside the lobby. Plus i think it would be hilarious to haggle with someone.
  2. Colorable Accesories.
  3. Groups/ Factions within the servers. So like a hacky sack crew. Or frisbee. Volley ball games on the beach.
  4. Special events like Limited tickets to an Admin Showing at the Theater. Maybe for a Promo on new content/ Sneak peek. i think people will make time to be in game just to get Exclusive look at Development. which could be shown thru the theater. having a limited number of tickets and entry would make it easier to control the chaos/ eliminate bad eggs that might interupt the show.

thanks again and ill think of more.


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The devs have said they aren’t putting Role Play stuff. That is for Workshop

You don’t need to sign messages. We can see your name at the top


how is this roleplay? and i think it will be added

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