Rodeo-minigame for plaza

Today I wanted to tell you about my new idea
This minigame will be situated near with shooting gallery
How it works:
To start a game you need to just sit on it (thx ermegred)
And here you are
The player camera switches to 3 person
And under the shaking robotic-bull and puking player
The circle will appear and a cursor in the center
Countdown:3;2;1 GO
The cursor will swim and shake and moving and players mission to keep cursor in center by using WASD keys (Takanu) for 1 minute(after each round the time will increase to 1 minute and chalanging will be harder)
If player will loose he will loose his reward from the start till the end of a game
To stop the game you need to quit in break time between the rounds
If you like this idea vote yes
Thanks for reading have a good day


sounds like it could be an interesting idea, I would rather have it so you earn units instead of having to pay units, it would give people more of a reason to use it.

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Good idea

And ragdoll physics engage so you look like this guy:


This feels like a great crowd game, depending on how its implemented. It should probably be placed out in the open for others to spectate, although I’d prefer an implementation that doesn’t revolve around cursor control though, as it lacks the precision of keys/buttons and other input methods.


you no like idea the ?(jk)

well what’s your idea boss?

I wouldn’t be able to suggest a specific idea i’d be happy with - it’s hard to say if something would be fun without making a prototype, but i’d start with using the WASD keys to keep your character balanced on the horse, with perhaps one or two other keys for special variables like grip.

Or, it could be like some Dance Dance Revolution mini-game where you have to mimic a key pattern to the music, but it keeps getting faster and more complex.

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I think it’s much better

Like this?

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o _____ o

Oh wait it’s a misstake of a konami

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