Rigged Slot Machine From Beach Treasure Gave -25,000 Units. []

Simply put, the rigged slot machine reward from the treasure hunt event “gave” me -25,000 Units, meaning it TOOK AWAY units from my total, putting me from ~100k down to ~75k. Unsure what caused it, but it has only happened once so far.

Steps to Reproduce

I simply opened a rigged slot machine in my condo, then saw it took 25k from my total units. The condo was the Suite set to public, there were only 3 people there at the time.

What I expected to happen

I would get 25k Units

What happened

The game TOOK 25k Units from my total.

Had you bought anything through Tower Express before using the slot machine? When buying items through Tower Express, your unit total won’t update since the purchase was made through a website, and changing your unit amount in any way will finally update it.