Rhythm game mode for playable instruments

It would be really cool if there is rhythm game mode like “guitar hero” to playable instruments

You gain some units from how many notes you get it correctly.

also, allow people to upload custom sheets to the workshop for rhythm game mode.

This would actually be really cool. I think this would also help people learn how to play the instruments since searching for sheets online only gets you so far :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting idea! :open_mouth:

I’d play it. The hard part, though, might be coming up with music that would not only sound good to play, but not be too challenging so that players of all skill levels could enjoy it. That, and would there be a scoring system or would the rhythm game component serve more as just a guideline, like sheet music? I feel like it could be exploited if you were rewarded with units (Creating macros/autoplay.)

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I could see a possible interface being like the GMT sheet music but with a little bar slider thing that shows where in the song you are (of course the maps we make would need to be upgraded to be more accurate and longer). As for payouts, I think it could work. If we keep the payouts pretty low, they’ll serve as a nice reward while learning new songs, but at the same time won’t be too desirable for people who just want free units.