Revise Laser Tag's Gameplay

The gun-play and movement feel like a poor mans Virus and not at all like Laser Tag should. Right now Laser Tag is just an unpleasant spam fest of poor hit registration, and people spamming the space bar and strafe keys at the other players tiny yet extremely mobile hitbox. In my opinion the gameplay should be more varied from the feel of Virus and draw inspiration from real world Laser Tag to make the experience feel more authentic and less like a poorly made old-school arena shooter.

For example, I think the experience should be a bit slower paced and more strategic, forcing players to utilize elaborately placed cover being essential to survival, as opposed to the existing meta of hopping around like a Roblox player off of their ritalin. This would help the experience to feel more unique. Proper running animations that force you to hold your gun down as you sprint would add to this.

The guns spamming nature should be replaced with something closer to a rifle with a slower fire rate, something that’s ultimately more damaging, but rewards accuracy as opposed to how fast you can spam LMB. This would lead to a unique feeling Tower Unite fps that rewards strategic play in a more casual environment, fitting of the plaza theme.

Right now the gameplay just feels cheap and unrewarding, and I feel like Virus pulls off Laser Tag’s current pace with greater success. Laser Tag currently doesn’t live up to the expectations it’s name sets and it doesn’t feel like enough time was put into revising Tower Unites FPS gameplay in order to make Laser Tag feel significantly different.

I am still playing around with the speed and gunplay.


All for this, it’s one of those small changes that could make a big difference. I feel like reducing sprint speed in general would help, too.

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it’s doom/quake
tbh I like it the way it is now

I like a bit more strategy to my gunplay, only because I don’t want lasertag to just be a space bar and CTRL mashing shift holding M1 spamming fest.

I wouldn’t mind it being slowed down so you CAN communicate with your team, crouch behind cover and take your time somewhat. Peek around corners, peek over cover and have intense firefights instead of it being who can mash spacebar whilst spamming M1 the most wins.

I dunno, I kinda just want it to become a gamemode I can hop into a discord channel of people looking to play as a team and face off with others in plaza without feeling like communication is utterly pointless.
Not saying I want it to become competitive in any way, but I just want a little more substance/strategy to it than what it is now.

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I have a feeling that you don’t know what real life Laser Tag is like. Laser Tag is a very fast paced and spamming game, you don’t just sit around waiting for people to come to you in Laser Tag. You come to them ducking in and out of cover as you spam your weapon hoping you get enough shots to kill the enemy. What you are suggesting would make Laser Tag not feel like Laser Tag. Am not saying that Laser Tag is perfect, the guns have way too much ammo and its annoying being one hit away from death and not being able to do anything about it. But it seems to me that you just want a slow paced and strategic shooter and not Laser Tag.


I have played real life Laser Tag, and I don’t see people constantly jumping and running at the speed of light infinitely around the arena.
All I’m saying is there needs to be more substance than some spamfest, add limitation on how long you can sprint before exhausting, lower clipsize. Just two examples that would make combat feel less about how fast you can sprint and spam at the same time and more on your aim making shots count…

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There’s a difference between people running around, and people practically bunny hopping with tiny hitboxes as they spam their guns whilst moving at their top speed. By comparison to that, yes, toning the game down would make it more slower paced and strategic, even if it is still fast.

Alright, so tomorrow I’m gonna be looking into the following changes to Laser Tag:

None of this is confirmed, I’ll have to playtest it more with these changes and see how it feels before it becomes live.


IMO we should have a community poll/public playtesting sessions
would be better than doing changes and playtesting them by yourself (with other devs?) and then releasing them
still, I’m super happy you guys are listening to feedback

Hey mac, really appreciate the response. If possible, would you be willing to record some of these changes once they are in? It would be good to see the adjustments in action.