Revamp Kalleira's store

Kalleira is such a cool character and I really love her aesthetic but her storeroom is really lacking.

This is the store currently, an empty hexagonal room with no lights and a single metal trapdoor.

Here’s my idea for what the store could look like:

At the very, very least you could give her a nicer trapdoor and a light. This area looks and feels unfinished and doesn’t even slightly hold up to the rest of the lobby.

If the area does end up getting a revamp I’d recommend going with the witch/fortune teller look because it really fits her character. Maybe hang some potions on the wall or give her some open spellbooks? She cooks her potions in the lighthouse so a cauldron wouldn’t be outlandish. Just a little something to spice this area up would be fantastic.

Another idea is relocating Kalleira every major update and giving her a small pop up shop where she can continue to sell her black market goods in privacy.

I really like your idea and how it looks! This would look great!


i also agree, you got my vote!

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At this point, it might be worth remaking the whole lighthouse. It’s not big enough to add any significant store design on it, and it’s definitely not the best looking asset either. Also relocating Kalleira would be a good option. Give her her own cartoony evil witch lair/dungeon. She definitely deserves more attention, considering she’s one of the 2 characters in the game with an actual original and thoughtful design.


She deserves her own hideaway antiques/magic item shop tucked away


Now that I think about it more I really like the idea of relocating her every major update with a pop up shop. Definately going to add this to the suggestion

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I think if there was a large bundle of potion bottles suspended from the ceiling (like a fishing net), they could possibly glow and function as the light (what kinda lighthouse doesn’t have a light?).