Return to Game Ports option should be Friends Only/Singleplayer exclusive

The Return to Game Ports option in the map vote screen is being removed entirely in the next update, but I still think it’d be useful if it was kept but only for friends only and singleplayer servers.

In a game with only friends, it’s significantly less likely that the Game World Port vote would win without everyone agreeing on it first, since you’d likely all be communicating with each other which is less likely in public games, so I think the option lends itself a lot better for it.

The option is a nice way to easily switch Game Worlds without interrupting the current session by having to make a new server each time, which is especially useful when playing alone or with friends. It would be useful as well if the option sent you to a friends only Game World Ports server, so that it’s still only you and your friends there.

this is now real


…or is it? That’s doesn’t look like it’s on the Trello card anymore and I very much just got forced out of my own lobby because some people voted to return to game world ports and then disconnected before the vote was even up.

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i did not realize the change got removed before the update released lol