Return of the Gasmask!

Hey everyone, I’m Alex or better known by my username Goujh. I’ve been a member of the Gmod Tower community since the original opening all the way back in 2009 and seen the Tower empty and full, new gamemodes, Friends come and go over the years and I myself visited the Tower now and then. I backed the Tower Unite originally as well and overjoyed to hear the second attempt has been successful.

I’m honored and pleased to meet every single one of you. (Expect Foohy, He use to scare the hell out of me with his Obama cutout by noclipping through floors and walls!)


Hello Goujh! I think you’ve also been there at 2007 GMT too?

Hi @Goujh, welcome to our forums. :smile:

Welcome Aboard! Pleased to meet you too. :ship:

Welcome! :gift_heart:

Hey Goujh, welcome to the forums! Hope to see you in game, and lets hope we all meet new friends in TU!

Welcome to the forums @Goujh