Retroactive Achievements?

I realize that many achievements based on smaller or more gradual accomplishments (a bunch of wins in virus, finishing a ball race world, etc.) will not be granted, but will achievements be distributed for players who have already played more than a week’s worth of TU, or have bought different condos? These are big accomplishments and seem possible to check via a users hours or inventory. If not, would I have to play an extra, post-0.7 168 hours to get tower addiction? Or worse, would players who own every condo have to wait for a new one to release to earn the related achievement?


I imagine they have planned for this and have made a system that will automatically check your stats when it’s first implemented to automatically give you any achievements you already would have completed.

The condo purchase can easily be gotten even if you have all the condos, you just need to sell one of the condos via the ingame inventory and then purchase it again.

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Would be fun if you’d go into the lobby or condo and then be spammed with Sunshine Day


There is no way for us to do this reliably. We also cannot get your total play time from the API as Valve has made it private data.

As for the Condo purchase achievement, you only need to enter a condo you own already to unlock it.