Retired: Introducing Daily Dev Logs


#2018 Update
We are moving to a weekly format in 2018:

Hey everyone! We’d like to introduce a new way to stay informed with Tower Unite’s development: Daily Dev Logs.

We as a team like to share what we are working on via Discord and the Streams. However, a lot of the work that goes on with Tower isn’t always a graphical change and often times it’s just code. This can mean during days with a lot of backend development, there might not be any status update from us on our Discord, or anything to show off on the streams. This can even create the assumption that nothing is happening on certain days, when that isn’t the case.

To solve this, we as a team are going to start putting out what we call, Daily Dev Logs.

Here’s how it’ll work: during the day each team member will jot down what they finished as they complete it. At the end of the day, we’ll take that list, clean it up, format it, and post it in a new forum thread.

This way, the entire community can not only see what the team was up to a particular day, but also what a specific team member was up to.

We have 13 developers (Meet PixelTail Games), each often working on a separate part of the game. Lifeless can be making a new Ball Race map, while Johanna is working on 3D models for the arcade, all while Zak is working on Arcade API and Mac is working on Laser Tag. In addition to working on separate parts of the game, each developer may choose to work on one of their tasks one day, and then another task on the other. It’s common to see an artist jump from working on art for one map, to an item, to art on a different map for instance.

We hope with these dev logs we can keep the community even more informed with our day to day activities. Enjoy!!


I am really happy. I know that you are doing extra-job but sometimes I want to know what are you doing (creepy)



Glad to see you guys are taking (and have been taking) a really transparent approach to developing TU. Only makes following the game more enjoyable for everyone. Thanks for all that you guvs have set up, this is pretty awesome to say the least that PT has this level of transparency and I think i say that for a lot of others here.
So, yeah, :+1:


if you guys have 13 developers then who is the 14th one? (i saw that there were 14 of you guys from trello)


it’s the legendary 14th gallon dev that has escaped from the closet


Our newest programmer, Deniz. Also, Sam is currently inactive.


I’m very very excited to see this. I love shit like this. Thanks for starting this system!


Fantastic! I agree, it sometimes feels a little stale when it’s several days of nothing notable to report. I love the transparency and always check the forums/Trello daily, so it will be nice to see these little progress reports. Keep up the great work! :thumbsup:


Name me any more game developers that are as open to the community as Pixeltail Games is. I bet you can’t.