Resort - Re-adding old functionality

This is an article to describe how to implement the functionality of the GMod Tower Lobby condo (Resort), like how it was back in the gmTower days.

This one is pretty simple. put the games from the games lobby back into the gmTower one, except in the old order, as well as using the unused slots for new games, there are plenty!

It might be cool to have it set up so you can buy cosmetics in the mini games at where the vendors were in gmTower, next to the mini game.

You could use this to make a private game without having to do it via the menu, so everyone in your tower condo is prompted to join the game if they want to if you start a game. The server with the tower would most likely be suspended while the owner/host is playing games, so unless the computer can host 2 servers at once, as well as on the same IP and port, that might be an issue.

The arcade and casino could either be implemented into the lobby in external places, which would be recommended, or the casino could be added back how it was, and the arcade not at all.

Shopping Areas

This one is even more simple than the last one. All I’m asking for this is to put the new shops in place of the old ones, in the same order of course. You could always use the vending machines for consumables/potions, and then have the stray cat where the VIP shop was in the lobby.

The building/furniture shops would be in the suite area as well as being in the entertainment lobby, but the only difference between the current furniture shop and these would be that there would be no condo-buying-shop.


When you open your Resort, you will be prompted with a 1 time popup which will ask you, “Do you want to add functionality to mini game and shopping areas? This includes any shop area from the gmTower lobby, vending machine placements, and old VIP shop. All items/furniture will be returned to your inventory.”

You can re access this popup from outside the condo, with a button in the top right of the condo selection menu. Little extra, this button would also allow you to reset your condo (which returns all placed items/dropped items). Keep in mind that this feature would only be able to be used by the owner, if my other condo sharing suggestion is implemented.

If you have any suggestions in addition to what I have stated here about re-adding functionality to Resort/gmTower lobby, please leave a comment on what. Just keep in mind I am trying to keep the lobby as the same as it was back when that actually was the lobby.

This is just not something I ever think the devs would do for a multitude of reasons.
The main reason is that they want players to do shopping and things like that in the Plaza so they interact with others - the Express shopping system was their solution to avoid load times but it’s more of a “shit I forgot something hold on” than a replacement for shopping.
Also, any unit transactions that aren’t selling from your inventory or opening redeemables is not feasible because it can lead to security risks with the way they keep track of player balances since the condos are hosted on the players machine.
Other issues include making other condos seem inferior, the innumerable legal issues with porting the arcade machines (almost all of which are copywritten and some even infringing/making parody of other existing copyright), performance issues, etc.
It’s just not something that I see happening and it probably wouldn’t be very healthy for the game either.