Resizable Sun and Moon


Allowing players the ability to scale the size of the sun and moon in their Condos would allow for creators to create a more interesting ambiance to complete their build. Given that players can tweak moonlight intensity, for example, it makes sense to want a large moon to accompany it.

Here is an example of the sort of ambiance one may be able to achieve with a scalable moon:


Yes. Voted. :smiley_cat:


Can the sun and moon also be colorable and texturable? I want to make the moon look like cheese and make the sun blue.


Canvas Sun and Moon, oh my !


While we’re at it, why not make the sky colourable too? Might as well make it so we can set our condos on Venus or something :stuck_out_tongue:



Not just resizable, but recolorable too.


Custom skybox?