Report macro users or wait for a fix?

Should we be actively reporting users who are very obviously using macros/bots/autoclickers/… and even admit it themselves? (Especially at the casino slots or blackjack.)

…Or should we rather wait for a “fix”?

Because I’ve heard the developers are planning on somehow taking measures against users who are doing this if I recall correctly.

That’s what i have been doing for quiet awhile now, sadly the devs dont seem to respond or ban said macro users, even when i provide proof.

So id say wait until there is a fix, but if you do manage to get their confessions, well im pretty sure they wouldn’t hesitate to ban them then.

The devs have better things to do than ban people who use a script to press a key lol

True, which makes it absolutely insane when they then say “Macros are against the EULA and will result in severe punishment”, Or atleast i assume it will result in severe punishment along the lines of being permanently banned and losing your right to play tower unite if you have done it enough.

It’s not really that easy to distinguish a macro user. They could be mashing on a small screen while they watch a video on their second monitor for example. Meaning that they don’t fully pay attention at all.

If your excuse is that “they don’t reply when you try to chat with them” well, they don’t have to and I admit, I don’t reply to everything that is given on the chat.

The only way to get exposed is, if the AGC has to do maintenance and has to kick everyone out of the machine, or if they still play, even when they won a jackpot

Those, among a few other ways are the steps i take to determine if someone is using a macro, its surprisingly effective.