Replacement of Trello

Hai guys.

This idea was originally Spriteclad on Discord, he said that I can post this nice thing on forums, so I`m doing it!

Dont you hate having so many Trello boards? Its not hard to switch for developers, but for us (players) is clicking on different links.

Here`s the solution:

Its free, looks pretty good and we have everything in one browser tab! Isnt it awesome, it it?

Interesting site, though I don’t see a reason to switch from Trello right now. It’s served us very well so far and it’s not that hard to navigate around. Considering the wide variety of things that the devs have to work on with the game, it makes sense for each branch to have their own area rather than just on one page.


I have to agree with Drachen on this one. Trello is a well established and accessible website that can be easily managed and organized. This is not to say that the website liked is a bad one, but it would take time for the development team and the users to get used to navigating around it.

It’s just like Facebook. It’s not that there aren’t better alternatives, but it’s the one that most people are used to, and even if you suggested them to switch, chances are only one in ten persons would be up to swap it for something else.

Same, I agree with @Drachen, there’s no need to switch to something else, nothing is wrong with Trello :+1:

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@Drachen has said it all. Great site, but a new one is not needed :slight_smile:

Again, im with Drachen. But I am also with xSkyer a bit.

Yes Trello is good and it works and whatever. But if they devs ever get some spare time it would be cool to see things being moved to that website. But only if they have spare time…

But why would they move stuff to another place when it’s already on Trello? It would cause confusion to people as to where to find the latest updates & what they finished.

We tried it out and it didn’t quite fit our workflow.

Also Trello is public.

Good to hear you tried it though :3

So the topic is finished.

I just reposted suggestion from Discord :stuck_out_tongue: