Rename Accelerate's Singleplayer Mode to "Time Crunch"

Uncommonly known to Accelerate is the addition of a time trial mode, made available through the Singleplayer option shown beyond map selection. However, listing this mode solely as “Singleplayer” doesn’t differentiate it from other game worlds - Minigolf, Ball Race, and Zombie Massacre - where no variation to gameplay is made besides the ability to play on your lonesome.

Suggestion is to rename this section in Accelerate to “Time Crunch”, a unique play on the time trial name, with the name being referred as a limited period of time with pressure to complete in time, while also referencing the juicy melon speed boosts that Accelerate utilizes. If possible, the subtitle underneath can be changed as well, into something encouraging both practicing and experienced players to play. “Pedal to the Metal”, “Shoot for a New High Score”, or likewise.

I think this would be better as a mutator, when those come out