Remove the wall from the Suite closet

I know this was part of the original condo in lobby 1, but now that players have a much more expansive tool kit, I feel like this wall of shelves only gets in the way of what could be a more customizable area. Most walk-in closets go around the outside edges, anyway. If these planks were for sale in the shop, players could easily recreate this cumbersome space if they desired, while leaving other players a new room to mess with.

I also feel that way about these rails. They’re clearly segmented and could easily be made into a purchasable item. Building another room ontop of the fishtank area by extending the second floor is one of the most popular things to do in the Suite.

If purchasing foliage ever becomes a thing in the future (which I really hope it does), I feel like the mandatory backyard tree should get the axe too.

I know Suite was supposed to be a recreation, but I always liked it for the floorplan, not the built in furnishings that we can’t change. Anyway, those are just my takes, I hope you consider them.


As Suite is a recreation, both of these would probably stay forever.


Unlikely to happen as the Suite is just a remaster of the GMT Suite, no core changes will be made to it (unless the devs think otherwise)
Although it would be kinda nice to have the handrail as an optional thing.

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Closet wall and railing should stay, but i do think the tree should go.