Remove the Rest of the Foliage from the Default Condo

In, the bushes that were included with the default condo were removed which I really like, it makes it a lot easier for me to decorate the deck area since I don’t really have to work around the giant bushes everywhere. However, there’s still a bunch of ferns/small plants on the rocks, grass patches on the square planter things, and 3 palm trees, which I think should also be removed, since (from what I can tell) all of them can be bought from Seasons.

I think this would help a lot for making builds; like, for example, sometimes I’ve wanted to build houses on the cliffs of the giant rock arch, but I wouldn’t really be able to without having the plants clipping through the floor. I’ve found a couple ways to work around it, but still it’d be nice to not have to worry about that.

Additionally, it would be nice if the grass textures on the planters were made editable if the grass patches were removed. I wanted to turn this one into a fish pond but I can’t really do that since I can’t change the material of it: