Remove the requirement of having to hit space when playing typing derby

I feel like it slows me down, and it probably slows down others too. So why have it?




[details=Readable below] Have you tried typing an entire sentence without hitting space it feels really unnatural and it’s actually really hard to do because your thumbs love that button and they want to hit the space bar plus you can type faster with space because your brain thinks in “chunks” or “words” and it can knock out words easier if it has the current word down and is anticipating the next word already. It’s just so that you don’t kill your rhythm, that’s it.

It’s also a confirmation thing, like “I got that word right” and you’re submitting it. [/details]


Id like to at least have the option to press Enter instead


I think pressing space should still be a requirement, itwouldfeelweirdtotypethingslikethisanyways.

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It would make sense, were we typing random individual characters.

Also if it slows everyone down, is it really a problem?

Next to being competitive, I guess the game is supposed to be fun?

You can force eSports players to reload after every headshot but is that still a fun game?


The Desert Eagle in Counter-Strike takes a fraction of a second to fire, but it only has a clip of 7 shots. Reloading takes 2.2 seconds. We should remove reloading, clearly.

Meanwhile, hitting a key on the keyboard takes a fifth of a second, at most. Hitting the spacebar takes the same amount of time. You’re comparing apples to oranges.

The point is that removing the space requirement wouldn’t add anything fun to the game, and therefore removing spaces would make it worse overall.

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i’d like to be able to use enter, just like sending messages


This. Hitting space is unnatural because you’re not typing a coherent sentence. You are typing individual, unrelated words. Pinapple asparagus bookworm odyssey intelligent

That’s not a sentence. It’s a jumbled mess and confusing to type with spaces. You are ENTERING your answer, as correct or wrong as it may be. It should be Enter.

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Actually, Enter would probably be fine as well.
It’s not like we can’t have both, why not allow both space and Enter to submit the words?


Removing space would really throw me out of my rythm. I tried it out several times and it’s just so different from actual typing that it confuses me and causes me to make a lot of mistakes. Especially when the first word ends with a letter, with which the second word starts.

I don’t wanna lose my 800 letters per minute because of this. Please…? :confounded:

Disclaimer: While I have played CS, I’m currently not doing so and CS isn’t the only game with headshots so the numbers may obviously differ in other games.

A clip of 7 shots can deliver up to 7 headshots, implying players can use the heads of other players as shields aka one bullet cannot headshot multiple players. 2.2 seconds are an eternity in high stress situations. I wasn’t talking about reloading in general, I was talking about forcing the player to reload after every headshot. To some, it might feel roughly like this everytime they have to “submit” finished words.

Maybe for you, I’ve seen people struggle to even find a key for seconds.

My point was not how much effort it may be or how fast it can be done but that the game is also supposed to be fun. I don’t know if spacebar should remain, replaced by enter, give bonus points or be ignored. I just wanted to counter your argument: If it’s less fun to everyone, is it really a problem?

It seems to some it’d be more intuitive.

And to some, the removal would cause the opposite.

So in the end the question is: Should Typing Derby be adjusted to a specific speedy typing method (Letting enter or spacebar be the limiter or at least increase score) or accessible to more people* and make certain mechanics optional?

*I don’t wanna imply everyone is as shitty in speedy typing as me but the last time I played I remember stumbling over space, too. I’m not complaining because I’m a shitty speed typist in training.

I’m not sure how you’ve correlated “fun” with a single press of a key that is the length of roughly 6 keys on a standard keyboard.

How would that be any easier? Your thumb is resting over the spacebar anyway; Enter you have to stretch your pinky for.

Space was originally chosen because while typing you’d typically use the space bar to separate words in a sentence, or even words that have nothing to do with each other in general.

However, during play testing internally, it became apparent that people also prefer using the Enter key to submit words. Unfortunately, we had a very hard time implementing the enter key, as it seems no matter what we seemed to do, Unreal would just eat any signal coming from the Enter key.

If we find out how to get this functionality working in the future, I’ll add it to Typing Derby. If it’s added, Space wouldn’t be removed, you’d have the option of hitting Space or Enter. This is just the little story of why it’s not there.


Inconvenience? I’m not saying it’s destroying the game, I’m just defending others arguments:

Processing the input signal of any button that’s been part of control schemes for years sounds like something that should work easily on any modern engine, especially a customizable one with source code access like Unreal4. Have you already contacted the support/EPIC?