Remove Kickstarter from the menu tracks

i love the kickstarter theme but it feels super bubbly and loud compared to the rest of the tracks - it also feels like an event track to me now since it’s only been used for the anniversary in the past

i’m not sure if this take is something that’s agreed upon so let me know in the replies lmao

just add the option to choose main menu soundtrack pls (not you Levi)
or ideally main menu songs list lol since everyone has their own preferences regarding them and makes their own suggestions


absolutely this; i think it’d be great if you could select what main menu songs in particular you would like to shuffle through/what you want to play


I don’t think we need to be able to pick, honestly. As long as the rotating tracklist all has a consistent vibe I don’t think it matters.

I think that would be needed for people for whom it does matter. Music vibe is a pretty subjective understanding, and so far I could see different people creating different suggesting on excluding or setting a certain song as the main menu soundtrack. SO being able to choose would matter for ones who would like to choose

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i mean, i’m someone who keeps listening to christmas songs during summer or halloween songs during winter

i don’t exactly care if it doesn’t fit, if it’s a banger, then i’ll keep playing lol

honestly, i see the kickstarter song as tower unite as a whole.

my friends know that i’ll go from listening to christmas songs to halloween songs back to christmas songs in the completely wrong seasons in mere minutes… i know exactly what you mean


yeah i definitely think it all comes down to opinion and taste, i think the tracks should all sound consistent with each other but anyone can argue that it does or doesn’t - i would not mind a track selection thing in the audio settings

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okay so from all those glorious main menu songs from past only two are now left in the game. Why, pixeltail ;_;