Remove/Increase Canvas Wall Scale Caps

Been working on a lot of hallways and rooms using canvas walls, and one of the biggest annoyances by far has been the caps on the scale values. For example, I can’t complete this room ceiling because the Z value is capped to 1000:

Could these caps be removed? These items are meant to be flexible, and to me the caps on these values greatly hinder that.

use the ctrl+m1 scaler there. they pretty much function like the sliders on the canvas wall, but are nigh infinite.

I thought that would stretch the texture as it isn’t using the item’s stretch value, but apparently not. I’ll use that, thanks! Although it’d still be convenient to have this cap removed eventually.

Yeah haha, thought so too but I wised up pretty quickly considering the amount of canvas floor space in my condo.

gizmos make these infinitely scale-able, this was just for when they weren’t around afaik.