Remove Condo Realtor

The current location of the realtor is confusing and a bit arbitrary, I initially spent a good half hour trying to find him after the condo updates, and it seems like a lot of people have a hard time finding him in general.

I think the best solution is to remove the realtor, and instead buy the condos at the condo desk lady, which also frees up the office for something else entirely.


They probably should just put a sign up by the store


I got the feeling once they get the map system back from GMT, all issues with getting lost will be solved!


Gotta agree with this, the most common question I see in lobby chat is “where is the realtor”

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Actually, the most common question in chat is “Where can i buy jetpack”


I will miss the question from GMT “how do i walk”


I feel like the game could need some advertisement sign for each shop. Especially for the Rob’s Import shop.



A half hour tho??? lol why didnt you just ask someone. I knew exactly where it was from the biweekly stream and the update changelog

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They did put some detail into the realtor and i don’t want to really see it go, so like Vulture said, I feel like it would be better just to put up a sign.

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i did ask someone
also not everyone watches the streams and the changelog?

also the realtor doesn’t need to be scrapped or anything, assets could easily be recycled into something else, no reason to waste the hard work