Relocate the new condo quicksave option from the top tab bar to somewhere else


The location of the new quicksave option is really counterintuitive, as it’s placed next to the rest of the menu tabs, which makes it seem like it’s a separate menu tab for managing your condo saves (like the “players” or “my condo” tabs). Additionally, since the “Condo Saved” notification is located in the top right of the screen (not at the center where the menu is), it’s easy to miss that the save button actually does anything, making it seem like it’s just a broken menu tab.
It’d seem more intuitive to put it somewhere else in the condo menu (maybe a menu expansion like the one for voice chat volume) and to give it the rounded rectangle motif that all other buttons in this game have.

Repurposing it as a separate “Saves” menu tab (leading to the current snapshots menu) would be nice though, as the snapshots menu being hidden away in the “my condo” menu seems to make it hard for new players to find.