Release time?

Just curious, is the Steam countdown timer accurate? It says the game will be released at 5:00 PM my time (Central) and this just seems like a bit of an odd time for a game to be released. Why wouldn’t it be released when the Steam store updates like most other games? Or why not even a midnight release? Not begging for an earlier release time, just wondering if the release time was correct.

Time zones.

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A midnight release in one country is a 5PM release in another.

But isn’t Pixeltail based in the US? Why wouldn’t they release the game at midnight where they are?


Caboose says before 5PM PDT.


that’s the least specific time ever, that’s basically saying: yeah, anytime now, just wait like 17 hours, it will be released somewhere in there

Well it’s the only they can say. It gives them some margin if they run into problems so I guess it could be 4pm-5pm.

do you recommend me to wake up on 4 pm (its night for me)?

Well the only confirmed thing is that it will launch before 5pm so I can’t really recommend anything.