how do people have regular behind their name, i have nothing :rage:

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Put simply, ‘regular’ is a sort of forum rank, given to people who meet certain criteria, showing that they have a tendency to be more active than most other users here.

They get granted minimalistic moderation via moving topics to different sections and renaming them, but that’s about it, really.

The link that @Zeeno posted will tell you the requirements.

how don’t you have the rank yet, you’re everywhere (and its becoming quite annoying, huehehehe)

Even if you have the title, you need to apply it in your Preferences.

to be honest, i don’t even need to see the regular title for players who have it because i see these people everywhere anyways… i won’t reply to every post ever being the smart guy so i don’t need the title anymore now i know what it means

Thats what happens when you have 9 hours of nothing to do… you live on a forum.