Regarding the Supporter Pack

Firstly, please don’t take these suggestions as a “I’m not happy with it” irate post, I’m happy to support Pixeltail. And the items don’t really bother me all that much, the following suggestions are merely that; suggestions. To improve the pack and incentivise those that wouldn’t of otherwise bought it.

Speed Shoes Supporter changes

So probably the one item that’s quite important right now in the pack; the speed shoes.
Bleeding into Backer item territory, the item gives you the same speed benefits, minus the particle effects. Personally I don’t ever wanna tread on Backer exclusivity, without them the game wouldn’t be where it is today.

So with that, some suggestions;
Firstly, lets change that icon.
Glow up the shoes with a nice TU themed colour scheme.

Secondly, lets talk its function.
Scrap the 1:1 speed ability and instead replace it being a particle equip item.
It will instead place a blue shoe print whenever you walk on a surface, this shoe print glows blue, fades to pink then fades out completely.
The colours representing the player’s support for Tower Unite.
Shoes Prints

Third, change the item name to just “Supporter Shoes”
And the description to;
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Thank you for supporting!”

I know some may be upset giving the taste of Speed Shoes, then removing it from them. But there is still the opportunity for Pixeltail to add an equivalent for purchase with Kalleira for a steep price. Or even something you ‘cook’ with items like the speed crab. Just that it only gives you the speed boost, no particles.

Which ever choice, it’d need to be added in with the same update that would remove the speed. 'Cuz people will otherwise get upset.

Supporter Banner

This won’t be able to be implemented till much later, but was shown not too long ago that leaderboards would have per-player customisation.
Perhaps Supporters should get one.
And yes, it’s subtly animated.

Infinite Supporter Firework

This would need the planned deployable rework for fireworks and other items to be allowed in plaza again. But simply put; would be a launcher box you place on the ground and it periodically launches a firework that detonates into the Tower logo.

It lasts roughly 10 seconds, firing 3 rockets before vanishing.
The item goes on cooldown for 20 seconds after it is used.

I will more likely update this thread as more ideas come up.
Thank you for reading. :brown_heart:

I really like these suggestions tbh. The new shoes icon in particular would definitely feel like an improvementand the banner is a really nice touch. Either way, i’m looking forward to getting the supporter pack :]


thats good job mate

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