Record player

Is it possible to add a record player that you can put in your condos?


A phonograph is pretty cool. We already have turntables for Vinyl Dj usage but I do like the giant horn phonograph. I’d buy it!

No offense but do we really need suggestions for items that will be made by someone in the workshop later or released by the devs as an official item anyways?

Whatever, I’d like that. Gives your condo a vintage style.

I wouldn’t have thought of it if the topic wasn’t made. If the devs don’t make it, fine, I’ll make it.

They have a tablet in the condos that plays music if I am correct… is that fine?

We have lots of ideas for free update packs that have specific styles of furniture/items. Maybe one day we’ll have a retro pack.


No harm in suggesting it. Really irks me when people make this kind of response.
Keep in mind that just because someone suggests something small, doesn’t mean they expect it to be done ASAP, it’s just a suggestion and nothing more.

And as @macdguy mentioned above me, it could easily be part of a larger package of furniture items released all at once.