Reconnecting to Plaza from Condo

I was wondering how exactly this would work. Will we rejoin the plaza we created our condo from or will we be allowed to select a plaza server? And what will happen if we started a Condo server from the menu instead?

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When you go to your condo from the lobby, the lobby and your condo have a reference to each other. Your condo is now “associated” with this lobby.

When you leave your condo, you will be directed back to the lobby you are associated with. If you join your condo from a different lobby server, your condo will be associated with that one, and so on and so on.

If you join your condo from the main menu, when you exit your condo, you will be transferred to the last lobby server your condo was associated with. If that server no longer exists, you’ll be brought back to the main menu.


Also the chat is synced between the lobbies and the associated condos.

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Then we will have loading screens between condo/lobby?
If so, how many seconds is it going to take (average)?

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Loading Screens will be added later, and it takes roughly 10-15 seconds to load a Condo, depending on your hardware.

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I heard one developer at one of the streams saying that condos would use a system that loads furnitures one by one, making it faster to load. Is this already in the game or is it still in development?

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This is already implemented and in the game.