Really hope the game gets more players soon


I remember back in GMOD Tower when you would hop on and see so many people in the plaza, but now not many people go in the plaza. If they do, it’s mostly just to go to the casino.

The game is really fun, and I hope more people pick it up when its further along in development.


Yeah man, a lot of people do, some even lost hope, its hard to keep supporting the game at times but with each update the game always gets slightly better. Hopefully one day the game will be good enough to attract a nice amount of people and be as fun/more fun to play as gmt was (altough some people already think that is the case).


A large update is about to come out, which will bring players back in. This has been the longest we’ve waited to release an update.

Also, we plan to release global chat, shared plaza players, casino changes, and new ways to connect players for game worlds soon after this update.