Realistic Pets

I’m sure many people here loved having melon pets or Yoshi egg pets but wouldn’t it be better to have pets that real people have now like dogs, cats, birds and so on? Some animals like dogs and cats can follow you by walking or you could put them in their cages. Animals like birds can fly by your side, sit on your shoulder or go in their cages like dogs and cats.

(Edit: Also, it would be cool to change the dog model or another animal into your fav animal! For example I could make a dog look like a fox! :smiley: )

If you have any more realistic pet ideas right them down in the comment section bellow! :dog: :cat: :rabbit2: :tropical_fish: :heart:


How about a horse to have in your condo? Maybe you could mount it too? Just an idea.

@loiloiloi Hhmmm… Interesting

I was thinking about fishes and fish tanks too. Also, for dogs and cats there could be a breeding system!

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Agreed. The more I read the Suggestions part, the more I realise PixelTail have so many options to make an amazing game

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I strongly agree. Maybe a baby and a big tiger to keep in your condo as well? That’d be amazing as hell!

Oh ya, and if they put a red fox in the game I would EXPLODE!

Or what if you could choose what your dog looked like before it’s born (% of mothers/fathers likeness etc.)

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@SirParadox That would be awesome! :dog: :dog2: :smiley:

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I definitely want to see pets in a future update, something similar to the Chao Garden in Sonic Adventure or Tamagotchis.


@macdguy That’s amazing! :blush:

Do you wanted to be like sim pets styles?

I need a pet Pomeranian. (Sorry for the revival.)