Readjust the EXP scales and Redo the Trophy Limits

Allow me to state the following that I am not the type of person who enjoys grinding or trying to grind. I’m not suggesting this in order to make my grind game easier, as I don’t have one.

EXP in Tower Unite is more or less very minimal in some places, especially in the Plaza Areas and some of the gamemodes, where the rate was reduced.

EXP, for those of you who don’t know, is based off of Units gained x1.5 In the gameworlds, and 2500 EXP is given out to players every 10-15 minutes in the Plaza. Because of the massive scales between Milestones, however, These milestones are almost Impossible to get to, Which is why I propose the following:

  1. Readjust the EXP scales in the gameworlds back to 2x, maybe 2.5x. Sure yea, you’ll have people who do acheivement hunting, but that’s on them and not us. There’s no sense in punishing everyone just because some people decided to grind out everything in one go. There’s plenty of achievements for people to get to and find.

  2. Readjust the scale at which you get Trophies. Currently the first trophy you can get for any activity, Bronze, takes 250k EXP to get. That’s a bit rediculous. I would suggest the following scale:

Bronze - 150k
Silver - 300k
Gold - 500-600k (Can’t decide between these two)
Diamond - 1M

This way the better trophies can still be earned after some time playing, but at least you can get Something for your initial playing.

and 3.) Give the Plaza the same Units earned EXP ability that the gameworld has. Currently you only get periodic bursts of 2500 EXP in the Lobby, and you earn nothing from playing any of the games there such as the casino or bowling. I would reccomend making all plaza activities that shell out units pay the appropriate EXP amounts, like the gameworlds.

It should most definitely be raised in Zombie Massacre, because I’ve heard it’s a real pain to gain EXP in there.


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I think adjusting it per gameworld would be a better idea simply because unit rewards vary so much.


Even a solo Zombie Massacre game takes 20 - 30 minutes so I think ZM should stay how it was pre-patch

I don’t understand this, I have been grinding a reasonable amount and already have 300k exp. That’s quite a lot, and certainly not a pain to get


EXP gain in ZM is actually pretty good. Before the nerf it only took about 3 and a half games to reach 100k. Can’t imagine it’s that much worse now.
Virus’ EXP gain is pretty bad, especially for the losing team (I only got about 900 exp average every time we lost as infected)

Virus and LC are both laughable in terms of both EXP and payment. You barely break 10K on a game of LC and thats IF you manage to score decently during that game. Virus on the other hand has too much of a pay disparity between the losing and winning teams, and the survivors always get paid more.

Plus any achievement yoh get really doesn’t help much. It would be a lot nicer if getting Acheivements in a game provided more XP than what is default.

The reason ZM is so easy to roll through is you get more money and therefore more EXP for playing solo, and you can just keep running through compound to rank up. I find that games like Minigolf and Ball Race really don’t give out much in terms of EXP to really justify the cost of each teir item. It’s rediculous.