Readable books

It would be cool to have books that you could read/write like in Skyrim


Love this idea. Could be used for a note-type system as well.

Love this idea. This needs to happen.

Have a library of user-submitted novels.

oh god imagine all the fan fics


plz no :sweat:

but a filtered library would be a good idea

I don’t think this would be a good idea. There could be a lot of abuse from this. It would have to be closely moderated for it to not go down horribly. I mean, if it was only for your condo, I could accept that. But not submitting books for the public TU players. Maybe this could be turned into a journal that stays in your condo.

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NO :relaxed:

I already made this topic (under one of my big collections of ideas) but whatever. Ill root for it here too. The books would be cool to have, so you can have your own private collection of books, maybe a way to write your own books (and maybe even have them rated and “published” in the game as a book store to make money from! Making a new topic about my new ideas!) so you can make personal journals or short stories. You could make it so you have old stories as books too, ones that are to widestreamed to be copyrighted of course, so we dont have to worry about copyright.

Good point.

I think it could work a little like the canvases where it will alert you when a condo has Canvases.

I think this is a great idea. Don’t know how hard it would be to implement and from the theme of Tower Unite I don’t know how well it fits, but I can see it being neat. Maybe a Workshop Mod perhaps?

On the abuse front, the same system for Canvas would probably work for this system.


I didn’t think anyone else had suggested it.

Personally I don’t think very cool ideas should always be governed to the point of moderation because it can be abused. You can place furniture in the shapes of swastikas and whatnot but we’re not restricting item placement.

The way I interpreted this request was that you could take a blank book and post text into it, then be able to carry it around or place it, possibly in a personal library. It’s people’s choice if they want to read it at that point. We need to stop thinking we should hold people’s hands.

If we wanted to have say a public library then I can definitely understand the need for moderation, as books in real life are also moderated. A person could be dealt the task of “librarian” and then review books.


Easiest way to handle this and have everyone happy: Shove a toggle on it!
Much like with canvases, just have some pre-made text, maybe some short stories or Tower puns for those whom choose to hide custom text.

Aside from that, I like @Drachen’s idea for a public library with user submitted content. .

The public library idea was mine in a post above…
What is this topic, steal-from-octo-time?
Just kidding, I dont care THAT much.

I honestly think that a public library would be too much to moderate. Not to mention I doubt that many people would want to read when they could be playing games with their friends.

But I do like the idea of a personal journal.

To be fair, this /is/ supposed to be a social oriented game.
I think having a mini-book reading club in my Condo could be fun!

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I would definitely take on that responsibility. It incites my roleplay-loving side :slight_smile:

Depending on how large condos can be, I can see people making specialized condos for “adventure map” type of things, like a murder mystery, and incorporating books as a part of that. It’s a stretch, but they certainly can be used for many things.


I actually didn’t think about that. I like it. It’s like how Minecraft adventure maps use books to tell stories.

I may be a bit… skeptic (not sure if that’s the correct word) about the public library thing, but I just have a feeling that this feature wouldn’t get used that much.

You’re probably right, but that’s not necessarily a reason not to include a feature. I’m sure plenty of features and games wont be used that much.

That being said, it shouldn’t be any means take priority. Just an idea to through around. This game’s got so much potential. I’d just be fine with the books.