*RE-Updated* Catsack Face Wallpaper

Transparent icon :3

I have seen a while ago that the face was sightly too much on the right and not perfectly centred, You’ll find below a new version with a wider resolution and fixed the face centring (the face isn’t smaller, it’s the rest which is bigger, But I think it’s better as the face isn’t too invading) the new resolution is 3250 x 2000


I also let you a square with the face alone, perfect for Icon, free to be edited




A 2160x1440 sized picture I quickly made on Photoshop because I though it would be cool, Have fun with it~


I need to clean my desktop

Nice Roblox


Lol and daww thanks for using it X3 I really appreciate

Heh, thanky :3

“pom gets wi-fi” wow gg
wait, i hope it’s not what my mind thinks it is…


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XP lol

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Pretty fucking awesome phone background too.

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Damn, that’s a hella clean desktop. Also, is that Linux? Looks like it. Just curious.

That’s Antergos running on an old laptop I use for class.

It’s Xfce with Whisker Menu, Window List, Sensors, System Load Monitor, Weather Update, Notification Area, and Clock. A lot of those are from xfce4-goodies.

To make the window list look that way, I hid window titles. Minimalism is fun.

I can safely say that I have no idea what any of that means. lol

Yes. It’s Linux.

Ah, ok. That’s much simpler. lol. I’m a Windows user, so I know very little about Linux.

Updated, see the main description above :3

And I thought my desktop could not get any better. It did.

Daww~ I’m really glad X3

How did you get those buttons at the bottom?